Don’t Let Fear Stop You – You be You

Fear is an illusion

I see you, and the burden you carry.  I know you can tell me all of the reasons you carry it and why you hate that burden but why you can’t put it down.  I see you.

You have been wounded and in that process you have lost something essential in yourself.  And in that void, where that piece is missing, fear has moved in.

You don’t think of it as fear, because it tells you it’s not fear. It sounds so logical, it uses your voice, and it tells you that what you are feeling is truth and “just the way it is” and “the best it can be”.  And worse of all, it tells you it’s not your fault which makes you think that you have no power over it, to diminish it, to overcome it. It tells you, you are not in control.

The fact is, this fear is an illusion. You created it to fill the space of that piece of yourself you lost when you were hurt.  You need to be brave now, and forgive yourself enough to unbox that fear and look at your responsibility for where you are right now so that you can create the amazing life you are meant to live.

How to know what’s holding you back

Stop thinking you know what’s holding you back.  Stop listening to yourself talk for a minute and start paying attention to how you feel.  You know the truth, it’s there, you just need to trust it.  This isn’t about your job, your co-workers, your loved ones, this is about you. This is an inside job.  Some where along the line you forgot your awesomeness and replaced it with mediocrity and put your life on auto-pilot.  It was so easy to do, because millions of people do that, it’s called: getting by.

Some people never ask for more, but you’re different. You’re asking “what is my purpose?”  but you’re afraid of the answers so you convince yourself you don’t have the time or money to do what you need to do … to regain your awesomeness.

The logical part of your brain keeps looking at other people that you think “have it all” and tells you, “You can never be like that” or “You don’t have that kind of money” or “You don’t have that kind of luck” or worse, “You won’t be happy until you have those things too” but, that isn’t really your logical brain, that’s your fear.  Your fear sounds a lot like a reasonable voice.

Your fear is the voice that convinces you to talk to someone about what you want to do, and picks the person most likely to tell you, you are nuts.

Your fear is the voice that stops you before your completely finished and tells you, “that’s not going to work, why waste anymore time on it”

Your fear is that voice that tells you to second guess and is always looking for evidence of why something won’t work, instead of why it will.

You have been stuck listening to the “good advice” of that fear for long enough. It’s time for you to take back control. So, right now, right this moment… pick one thing and unpack it.

Really take this moment to look at one thing that you think will make you happy and write a list of what you think is holding you back.

Don’t stop at the first 3-5 things, because guess what… those are the reasons you’ve been telling yourself for years!

Write 10 or even 15 reasons why you think you can’t accomplish that one thing.

Once you’ve got that list, once you’ve really dug down and put it all on paper.  Sift through, like an archaeologist, and look for the fossils’ of the past.  It will be evident to you at some point in this process that you have been convinced that you aren’t enough… or that you don’t have enough for happiness.  Because, ultimately, happiness and joy is the goal.  If you’re goal had something to do with money, think about that for a moment.

Isn’t money just a tool.  Like a hammer is a tool.  You use the hammer to build the house, but would never consider the hammer the goal.  So, money is the same. Money makes everything easier, but it’s just a tool.  You use it.  It’s not the goal.

Now, I want you to crumble up that list (if you typed it on a computer, print it out so you can crumble it up) and throw it out.  That list of 10 -15 reason of why you can’t accomlish what you want… isn’t true. That’s your fear.  Crumble it up, and really pay attention to yourself throwing that list out!

Specific Message

There’s something that you always wanted to be or do as a child, perhaps be a writer or artist or photographer… maybe journalist?  I feel like there is some long ago answer to, “What do you want to be when you grow up” that has been discarded as a childish dream.  And I want to encourage you to think about that thing.  Picture it as a physical object and hold it up in your hand.

What does it look like?

What will your life look like when you accomplish that?

Imagine, going to a book store and seeing your book on the shelf?

Or, maybe as a child you always wanted to visit a specific place?

You, right now are ready to start fresh.  Take the time to really sift through your desires and choose that thing that makes you think, “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do that, or I’ve always wanted to be that!”

There is something and it’s been a long time since you had that dream.  And somewhere along the line, someone or some people convinced you that you weren’t good enough, or strong enough, or … enough to do that thing.  You are enough. Think about those childhood day dreams and pick one that you’d like to revisit. Trust your intuition and heart and write it down. You can be anyone you want to be, you just need to get started.

Here’s how to start

This present moment holds clues to unlocking your powerful secret. In order to connect you need to be still and quiet.  No instagram, snapchat, facebook, pinterest, phone calls, music… just a moment to breath and concentrate on your breath.  No worry, or stress or deadlines or chores… just your breath.  Now, smile to yourself and congratulate yourself on taking the first step.

Now, on a fresh piece of paper start a new list.  List everything you will need to know, or need to do, or need to have in order to get started.

Write down possible google searches for researching how other people have been successful at this particular item.  Go to Udemy to see if there are any classes or instruction on what you’re interested in pursuing.

Having those things in writing will help to allow your unconscious mind to find opportunities to do those things.

You are so greatly loved and so very special ask your guides for help in finding the best and easiest path for you, then pay attention for their answers.

Let me know if you found any help in this post!

love and light


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