Who does your success look like?

Today’s challenge is to determine WHO your success looks like.

You may be thinking, “but Wenda, how can my success look like anyone other than me?”

A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment
A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment

Creating the profile of your perfect customer as the WHO of your success.

Why do you think it’s important to have a clear vision of your perfect customer?  If you know who you perfect customer is, then you will know a lot about them before you even meet!  You will know how to engage them in conversation.  You will know what they will and will not like. Most importantly you will know of where to find them.

If you have clients, than this will be an easy exercise.  Just think about your favorite client or customer.  The one that you look forward to seeing. The one you enjoy talking to and selling to.  Who are the customers that energize you and encourage you.  Imagine if all day long, every day, you get to see and talk to those people!

Now, make a list of the reasons they are your favorite clients and viola’ you have the description of your perfect customer.

For example my perfect customers are :

Personal Trainers, health coaches, life coaches
ages 27 – 60
they are healthy, caring, creative
filled with positive energy
they enjoy helping other people
see the value in my services

If you don’t have clients yet, you will need to exercise your imagination.  Think about the perfect scenario; you speak to someone who is immediately responsive, they are interested.  They  are interesting.  They see the value in your product or service and are happy to pay.  What does that person look like.

(If this little exercise is hard, perhaps you are personally having a little trouble seeing the value in your product or service. Perhaps you should start with you and really understand what you are offering and how it will affect other people with positive impact.)

Select a Mentor and find a Coach

The other aspect of knowing WHO your success looks like, really speaks to the age old adage, “Why recreate the wheel”.  If you know of or can think of another human being that is doing what you want to do… than it would be a good idea to do some research and find out how they did it.

Many times we don’t trust other people to tell us the whole truth.  If you can’t trust the people in your organization to tell you the whole truth, you are in the wrong organization.

Pick your Mentor Carefully.  Remember to consider yourself and try to find someone that you feel a kinship towards.  If you are going with famous people, it’s possible now with reality TV and Youtube to pretty much find out all you need to know about someone’s personality. For instance, selecting a cut-throat business man for a mentor is going to be effective if you consider yourself a kind and gentle soul, will not be a good match.

Personally, some of my mentors are Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins.  You see I believe in integrity and honesty above all else and I have found my life’s purpose in helping other people find their success.

You’ve picked a mentor, now find a coach.  A coach is like a best friend that objectively listens to you whine about why you can’t do something and suggests that you try anyway.  Coaches provide motivation, specific suggestions, insight and clarity.  They can energize your creativity and confidence while you work out your goals and measurable action steps towards success.

Knowing who you want to emulate and having someone holding you accountable is a great way to move steadily towards your success.


To see WHO your success looks like is:
Your perfect customer
A mentor
To BE who your success looks like, hire a coach.

YES, I’m a coach. However before you get all disgusted with me and think that I’m self promoting, consider this…  How much easier is every task, when you are doing it with someone?

That’s how it works.  A good coach listens to where you want to go, and helps you create the map to get there.   Maps are great.  You may be comfortable taking a nice easy road, while someone else might like to drive straight over the mountains… the coach is the co-pilot that helps you navigate.  They keep you on or close to the path you’ve chosen, and if you should decide to take a detour, you go together to check it out and perhaps… revise your map to success.

It’s really your road trip, the coach is there to make sure you don’t miss the turns or stay too long in one place.

Have an amazing day today!









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