Sometimes … You just aren’t ready

Do you want big success?

It’s simple.

If you don’t currently HAVE big success, than doing the same thing over and over will get you more of…. NOT HAVING BIG SUCCESS.

If you want big success… than you need to change something.

I’m not saying, change who you are, what you like or your dreams, I’m saying…

You need to change how you are going about it.key to failure is trying to please everyone

That is the first simple step to your big success… Change how your Think.

You need to understand that doing exactly what you are doing right now isn’t getting you there… and unless you want exactly what you currently have… doing what you are currently doing… isn’t going to change the result.

I understand that we are all at different places.  I also understand that if you read the statement, “change what you are doing” and the first thing that pops up into your head is any sentence that starts with “I can’t”…  You aren’t ready.

I am not asking you to take a leap of faith… I am asking you to look at the situation pragmatically…

Doing the same thing, will give you the same results.

Doing something differently, will give you different results.

Yesterday I wrote about the difference between venting and stewing and it occurs to me, that stewing is also…. stalling.   It’s like getting side tracked, big and small steps forward are momentarily put on the back burner (I do love myself a good cooking analogy) …  while the stew is cooking front and center.

Pause, breath, reflect and experience.

I’m not saying ignore how you feel… I suggesting you put the egg timer on… give yourself 10 minutes (or so) to cook, stew, simmer… than take it off the stove and move on to the rest of the meal.  (see what I did there… all about cooking)

Here’s what I know.  If you leave something on the stove unattended, it is going to boil over and burn and create this huge mess!

Ask yourself, are you allowing a person, object or circumstance to affect you in a positive way or a negative way?

Recognize how you are feeling, maybe even say it out loud, like, “Wow, that really hurt my feelings.” or “I don’t want to get up for work this morning” and then……..choose to let it go.

Decide to have joy, thankfulness and happiness.

The best way to let go of negative thoughts is to replace them with positive thoughts.  We are what we think.  We are filled with thoughts, and our thoughts, feed our actions, emotions and our health.

I guarantee, if you are constantly filled with thankfulness and positive energy, than your life will be filled with abundance.

Let’s be pragmatic about this, if you wake up every morning thinking about all of the things that you hate about your life … how do you think your day is going to go?   OK, Hate is a strong word… let’s use the word complain.  You wake up every morning complaining about EVERYTHING… how do you think your day will progress?   If all you can see are the things that aren’t right… than you life will be FILLED with those things.

Do you know why I have a successful Life Coaching Practice?  BECAUSE we all need someone to talk to… we all need someone who won’t judge us, we all need someone we can share our internal conversation with unabashedly.  As a coach, my job isn’t to advise, or council, my job is to listen, encourage, introduce activities and challenges, most of all hold my client’s accountable… to themselves.

If you are still thinking… I can’t, than you may not be ready to move forward.  That’s fine.  Just know, that you are the only one holding you back.

Did you know that over 80% of the millionaires in the United States are first generation millionaires.  That means, that they didn’t inherit their wealth, they did something, they made the money.  If we look at how they made the money… there is one thing that stands out…  They didn’t quit on themselves.

Success is scary.   Many people sabotage their success by concentrating on the opposite… failure.  The people who succeed are the people who are able to overcome their self-imposed obstacles and just keep plowing forward… Don’t bury your doubts, take them out… look at them, acknowledge them, than let them go.

Tell yourself, “that’s fine, today I’m going to succeed, so those doubts don’t bother me, they don’t affect me, because right now, I’m a total unadulterated success!”

I read a really good exercise for job hunters who were finding it hard to get a job.  Are you ready?  This is going to blow you away…  Go out each day, canvassing corporate buildings with your resume and cover letter (make it cool and creative) and set yourself a challenge…  Set yourself a goal of how many people will say, “No”.  Let’s say your goal is 20.  That means, you have to go from office to office speaking to the receptionist, asking for the HR department and you can’t stop until you’ve gotten the answer “No openings” 20 times.
Do you see how that takes the negative out of a negative situation.  This particular exercise accomplishes 2 things.  It turns a negative positive and it helps retrain your brain when it thinks about the “possible outcomes”.  The reason most people DON’T canvas door to door with a resume and cover letter in hand is because they don’t want to have the “NO” said directly to their face.
Now a days, we hide behind emails, and back in the day we hid behind the telephone… even further back…  it was directly in person.

Do you understand, it’s not harder now… we are just choosing differently…

Today, I just want to tell you…  your success is built-in.  You have your success inside you…. you are already successful, you just need to let it out.  You need to recognize it and revel in it, and encourage it.  Stop doubting it.


Make today amazing!


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