Seven Day Food Detox Menu Plan ~ lose 10 pounds in 7 days

I never would have believed it… if I hadn’t seen it and felt it with my own eyes.  First, I will acknowledge that everyone is different.. blah blah blah, now.. I was a heavy duty 2 pots of coffee a day addict.  I drink it light with cream and no sugar and I LOVE IT.

I always thought it was just part of my personality, because it seemed like when I quit smoking 9 years ago, I suddenly without something to do with my hands and mouth and quickly placed a cup of coffee in both.   Not only had I decided that I HAD to have coffee every day all day long, and that I HAD to have it the way that I like it… I also found that I was drinking… (wait for it) …  a half gallon of half and half a week… all my myself, and that only counts the coffee I made at my home.  That doesn’t include the coffee I got from Quick Chek or Dunkin Donuts.

As a result, there were very few diet changes that made any difference in how I felt and looked… let’s face it… if I tried weight watchers, I used up my days worth of points with my first pot of coffee! 🙂

My coffee addiction is one of the reasons I decided to start this company, Health Wellness & Success LLC.  I mean, there are a million reasons now… but this one reason really moved me forward.  And it all started with a 7 day food detox.

How I changed my life in 7 days.

So, as I said… I thought I was addicted to coffee because of the habit, and well if you read the medical research there’s a whole reward system built into your brain with the chemicals it releases when we do things…  But that’s not the whole story.  Your taste buds tell you what tastes good, your body craves certain foods.

How many people have ever heard, “When you crave something it’s your body telling you you’re low on some vitamin or mineral” … that may be true… but when you crave something it’s  also because your body is used to having something and wants it.  BREAD. OH boy, I LOVE some nice thick crust bread… but I can walk right past it at my local store… I can’t walk past the free cuppa joe.   What about the free danish from the taste testers at the big warehouse stores… or a nice hot salty pretzel?   How many people simply can’t walk by a bright crisp carrot?  (if you answered, Yes… good for you.  I believe I would say to myself, Oh that carrot looks good, I’ll try one… but I could definitely walk away)

What happened when I participated in a 7 day food detox was…. I came out 10 pounds thinner, without any of the food and beverage cravings that I had when I went in.

This is evidenced by the fact that I #1) only have 1 or two cups of coffee each day and #2) enjoy my coffee with… skim milk!  I KNOW!  THAT’S CRAZY!

SO, what is this miraculous 7 day food detox of which I speak?

It’s part of the TLS Weightloss Solution, which includes some great supplements and assistance: Isotonix OPC-3, Isotonix Multi-Vitamin, TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor, and NutriClean Complete Detox Kit.   So… having said all that… I didn’t take anything but the multi-vitamin and the OPC3.  Why? Mostly because, I’m new to food detox.

The reason I started this company was to share my Success.

Ever thought or said, "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it?" Guess what, it's time to cross that bridge.
Ever thought or said, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it?” Guess what, it’s time to cross that bridge.

I easily lost and kept off 20 pounds in 6 weeks.  The program I’m going to share with you is actually a 12 week program, and I only consider the first 6 weeks a “diet” because the last 6 weeks you are eating like you will eat the rest of your life.

There is no magic bullet… or atleast, there is nothing more magic, then starting your weight loss program with the food detox… because, I went into the first 1/2 of my diet having already lost 10 pounds.

Yes, I’ve done weight watchers… Jenny Craig… the South Beach, Atkins… the cabbage soup diet… WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT?  Because, for me, they aren’t realistic.  I can not go through my life counting points in my head… or not eating any bread.  (hey that rhymes!)

So… without further adieu…

The Weightloss System that changed my life

very dramatic, right? 🙂

My point is really, here’s what worked.

First, the 7 day detox.

Are you ready?

7 days of ….. drum roll please….

Pre-Breakfast: Lemon juice in warm water (or like tea, a little hotter)

Breakfast: Plate of Vegetables (as much as you like) and one serving of fruit

Lunch: Plate of Vegetables (as much as you like) and one serving of fruit

Dinner: Plate of Vegetables (as much as you like) and one serving of fruit

Snack throughout the day,  Carrot Sticks, Celery, Sliced bell peppers, cherry tomoatoes, broccoli, Jicama, Zucchini, Squash, Cucumbers, Cauliflower and Vegetable broth.

I looked at this and I thought… this is going to SUCK!  ESPECIALLY when I noticed that Coffee wasn’t on the list.

What I found was that the Lemon Juice tea I made every morning was very satisfying.  I’m not sure why, it was hot and it was tasty and it just really hit the spot.  (are you ready for this) I didn’t even miss my coffee.

So… while you may have thought initially that the 10 pounds I lost in 7 days was all water weight… please consider, that I did not drink a half gallon of half and half that week!  NOR, did I have any Pizza, or Mcdonalds, or Wendy’s or Sandwich from the local shop, or Taco Bell, or Bagel with Cream Cheese…  All of the things that my co-workers and I used to eat throughout the day… I didn’t participate in … for a week.

I’ll be honest. I’m not a veggie person, so I ate more fruit then was was on the suggested list…  and I’ll also be honest…  Day 4 or 5 was the hardest, I really didn’t have much energy… but I kept at it.   If you feel sick, it’s suggested that you have some water packed tuna to get some protein, but… there are plenty of vegetables that are high in protein… so, it’s a matter of really getting what you need form the fruits and vegetables.

So… when I surfaced from the 7 day detox… I was no longer addicted to Wonder Bread and Light Coffee with Cream! 🙂

What about the following weeks?  Well… You will have to wait for another post. At this point, let me just share with you the “allowed” fruits and vegetables for the detox as published by the TLS Weightloss Solution.


Good Luck and I look forward to your comments about your success.

Also, I’ll be posting the rest of the weighloss program in the future.



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