Set Yourself Up for Success – Start Today

Set Yourself up for Success – Start Today

There are a lot of people making a lot of money online right now.  When I go through the list you’ll be surprised (and probably delighted) to discover that they are just like you and me. They had an idea, they put it out there and viola’ … income.  So, before we get started I want you to know that this particular topic is one of my favorites, so I’m going to go on and on and on… but before I do I want you to know that I have 2 goals for this lesson.

Goal no. 1 – To activate your imagination about what’s possible

Goal no. 2 – To help you allow your true goal to surface

Making money.  In it’s simplest form, there are basically 2 ways to make money.

Way Number One: Trade your time for money.  Whether you’re an hourly employee working 40 hours a week for your Friday paycheck or a high paid attorney getting paid $700.00 an hour, you are trading time for money.  How can you tell?  If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.  Yes, I get it, some people get paid more for their time… that’s great. They are still employees.  The Doctor (even if he owns the practice) only get’s paid when see’s patients.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, wrote about this long before it was fashionable or even a topic of conversation. He called it his Cash Flow Quandrant.  And it like this: cash flow quadrant (1)



I think Robert Kiyosaki will explain this the best, so I’m including a link to a Youtube video he published and can be found

So, what can you do right now, to take a step into the Big Business / Investor quandrant?  You can learn more about what Robert Kiyosaki calls: Passive Income, which is also referred to Residual Income.

Passive & Residual Income is income that is not tied to the specific time spent.  Some examples are:

Music royalties – you record the song once and get paid every time it plays

Photography royalties – you get paid when you sell the same picture over and over

Website Subscriptions – You earn money income form subscribers to your website

Book Royalties – You earn income every time someone buys your book

Memberships – gyms, clubs, groups all get paid monthy or weekly for memberships

Network Marketing Opportunities – usually called pyramid schemes by the uneducated these legitimate opportunities are a financial boon for the right person and they leverage their time through team recruitment.

Affiliate Marketing – you get paid when someone buys a product by clicking through your blog, site or social media

and my absolute favorite passive/residual income opportunity….

Expert Educational Programs & Systems – you get paid when you help someone with your expertise through creating workshops available online or through dvd.

Take a moment to absorb all that.

How you tell yourself about your opportunities

We all have unique talents, our challenge is to stop looking at the success of other people and using that as the excuse for ourselves to stay where we are…  We need to look at that success and say, “if they can make a living at providing instructional videos, then I can too”   The choice is your’s, the first step is to start asking “How.”

We are usually so wrapped up in “why” that we forget, that the most important question is “how.”  Do you LOVE to do something?  Start to ask yourself, how can I make money doing that.  How can I start today.  AND STOP making it harder than it needs to be… and START following through with the focused desire to succeed.

Love to run?  Start a running blog.  Put affiliate links on the blog for running gear.  Write reviews for the gear, and include affiliate links in the review.  Start a running group.  Start a membership to the group. Make it exclusive, just for men… just for woman… Meet regularly.

Love to read? Start a book review blog. review books, then include links to the books through the amazon affiliate link.  Get paid every time someone buys a book through your link.

Love to shop? Start a coupon website. … publish coupons and get paid everytime someone prints a coupon.

Love to teach? Offer an online webinar, and record it.  Then sell the webinar as part of your teaching product.

Have a system for overcoming an obstacle?  Record that system, and sell it online to other people experiencing the same challenge.

Love to write!?!  Write a short story and sell it on Amazon for Kindle Shorts.  Get paid 70% of your selling price everytime someone buys it.

Each one of those ideas can be started today… for free.  Selling on your book for kindle: free.  Starting a blog: free.  Starting a club: free.  Offering a webinar and recording it: free.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE not to start today.  FOR FREE.  You decide.  You decide where you want to be 5 years from now, if you start today… you will look back and thank yourself that you started when you did… start now.

What’s stopping you?

Usually we are stopped before we start because of 2 reasons. Reason number one: we don’t think we have any unique talent that someone would pay for and Reason number two: We don’t think we have any unique talent that someone would pay for.

Yes, I know both of those reasons are the same.  HA HA HA HA HA

That’s the fact.  Most people who are stuck in the Employee and Self Employed paradigm are unable to step over the quadrants into the other simply because they aren’t able to imagine success.  This is something you’ll need to work on.  Your imagination is more then a whimsical story telling part of your brain, it is the part that looks for evidence of what you consider your possibilities.

Not everyone is like me.  Not everyone looks at things and says, “I think I can do that”.  Too often we stop at our normal response of “I can’t do that” which is usually more truthfully put as “I’ve never done that so I think I can’t do that” which, when it’s put that way sounds and feels different.

My daughter LOVES to play Minecraft.  I’m not a fan, but she loves it. She’s 15 now, going to be a sophomore in High School and I told her, if she was going to spend so much of her recreational time playing the game, I’d like her to figure out a way to monetize it.  She loves the game. I explained, while money isn’t the goal, money makes everything easier, if you can find a way to monetize the game your life will be easier.  And, now she runs a popular server, and a blog with growing membership. She’s putting together a workshop at the local library designed to allow teens who play the game to play all together in the same room… together.

There is nothing stopping her from turning this into a huge financial success, especially since she loves to do what she is doing.

You need to tap into what makes your heart sing.  You need to tap into the things that you do that squish time, the things that you do that seem to only take 15 minutes but in fact several hours have passed.  Those are the things that you can share with others.

So, remember way back at the beginning of this lesson, I said I had (2) goals. The first was to activate your imagination the second is to help you understand your purpose.

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite exercises … and then I’m going to shut up and let you think.  But first, I want you to know… that you purpose is never money. Money is a tool and makes everything easier.  Your purpose is to help… somehow.  There is something that you are meant to do that helps… someone.  Whether it is individuals struggling with family matters or finding fun, you are meant to be a light.

OK. Now… on to mindstorming

7 Steps to Success

Step one: Decide exactly what you want.  If you want to increase your income, be specific. Instead of answering I want to make more money, be specific and write down how much.

Step two: Write it down.  A goal that isn’t written is like vapor, it drifts away, it has no force or power. Writing you goal gives it power, you can see it, touch it and modify it if necessary.

Step three: Set a Deadline. Pick a reasonable deadline for your goal. If it’s a big goal, set a final deadline and then intermittent deadlines.  This will serve as a forcing system in your brain, your subconscious mind works faster if you’ve set a deadline.

Step four: Make a list of everything that you need to do to achieve your goal.  Don’t worry about the order or order of difficulty, just make the complete list of everything.  Break everything down into as many steps as needed.

Step five: Organize your list chronological and then also by priority.  While the sequence and priority may match, more often they don’t, because by sequence you may need to read a book or get further education, the priority may be to develop business plan, so create two separate lists.

Step six: Take action on your plan immediately.  Take the first step, then the second step. get busy, move forward, right away. Winners take action, review your lists and do something now.

Step seven: Do something every day that moves you in the direction of your interim or major goals.   This is the keystone for your success. Do something 365 days a year to move yourself in the direction of your goal.  As you develop momentum you will find it easy to achieve your goals.

Those 7 steps are inspired by Brian Tracy, a inspirational business and success coach.

Now.  Get out there and make something amazing!









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