Practice Non-Judgement

Practice Non-Judgement

For those of you that follow my blogs and facebook page ( You know that I’m really HUGE into inspiration.   Each morning I cruise the “net” for inspirational quotes and then on my drive to work I listen to books through audible…  As a result, I am that person that wakes up every morning in a good mood… and walks into the office with a kind word for everyone and a spring in my step.Was I always like that?  NOPE.

It was 100% absolutely a decision I made.  It is a decision that now comes naturally, but in the beginning… it was a choice I literally made every morning.


Everyone takes a different path, what’s important to understand and embrace is that we all choose our path.

You can disagree (and that’s part of the path you selected.. that is your decision… your choice) and I will tell you that no matter WHAT your experience, it is only unique because it happened to you.   No matter what your experience, you decide what you will allow to affect you …. now……today……..right this present moment.


AND Whether you believe me or not… Your thoughts have power.  (OK, I probably just lost the accountant that was intrigued by the title and up to this point ok with the topic and is now like, OH CRAP not another New Age VooDoo Blog… ) Just give me a minute.


I will prove to you.  If you decide to have a good day…. If each moment of that day, you make a decision to only allow positive thoughts and actions to influence your day… If each time something that would normally upset, anger or frustrate you occurs and you LET IT GO… you will have a good day.  It’s that simple.

Now, Answer me this.  If that wasn’t done by the power of your thoughts… then what?


Think about that.Think about each time you are anxious, frustrated, angry, hurt, unhappy, stressed… You can give me 100 reasons, justifications… EXCUSES… I am suggesting that rather than justifying WHY you are unhappy… to rather realize you are unhappy… give it a moment, no more than a few seconds… then let it go…. and be happy and content.

Listen.  Crap happens every day, all day long to everyone.  It’s your life. You decide what crap you are going to allow to stick around.  (continuing with the crap analogy)  If you stepped in something stinky… wouldn’t you wash it away until you didn’t smell it anymore?


Negative experiences and thoughts are the same.  You decide what is going to stick around.  You decide whether you are going to embrace and experience and enjoy the incredibly complicated softball schedule your 8 year old just brought home… or whether you are going to struggle and complain and worry about it.


It’s up to you.


No one can do anything to you that you don’t let them.


There are a ton of tools to help you cope and get past frustration, anger, anxiety and more… the first step is to realize that you have the ability to LET IT GO.


Have a co-worker that really annoys you?  Let it go.


Have a problem with road rage? Let it go.


Most anger and anxiety issues are caused by judgement.. we either judge a situation or action to be an intentional insult (taking it personally) or something else negative.


Look at your co-worker and don’t let her get to you.  Understand your self worth, understand that whatever her intention unless it’s got a positive effect on you, you simply won’t allow it to affect you… and let it go.


You are not a mind reader.


You do not know why anyone else does anything… NOR.. what anyone else’s story is…   You know you.


You are in control of you.


You decide what and who affects you.


Practice non-judgement.  When a perceived slight occurs…  you know, someone seems to intentionally hurt your feelings… recognize it… let it go.  When you notice that it’s still bothering you (you will also realize that it’s harder to let go and practice non-judgement then you thought)  Actually say to yourself, that you will allow allow positive energy and refuse to accept negative energy and concentrate on your breath…  Quietly take a deep breath and repeat that “I will only allow positive energy and refuse to accept any negative energy”.


(sounds silly?  uummmm….  did you try it?)


That small little statement does two things… it takes your brain off of the obsessive hurt or frustration that you are feeling… and gives your thoughts over to an incredibly powerful positive statement of power.  You are in control.  You are telling yourself what you will allow and it is only positive.


OK, that’s it for today.


Make today ridiculously amazing!

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