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What’s the hardest part about starting your own business?  You guessed it, getting new clients or customers.

I know, I know, your product or services are so awesome, that you

1. if you do not go after what you want, you'll never have it 2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no 3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place

Three Rules for Life

don’t understand why people aren’t busting down your door to book an appointment.   Guess what… you might need to do a little more “selling”.

“Uuggghhhh, I hate to sell,” you say.

Top 3 reasons most people don’t like to sell

  1. It feels like begging
  2. It feels like begging
  3. It feels like begging

Here are some simple steps for building your client base that I share with my clients who own wellness businesses.  (You may need to modify them slightly for your industry. )

FIRST: Work on your internal and external conversation

Make sure that you are completely and unadulteratedly positive with yourself about your capabilities and current possibilities.  Maintain a very healthy and positive outlook on your potential and the services that you provide to your current clients.

Understand what you have to offer, and why it’s compelling and urgent for people to seek you out. (i.e. weight loss specializing in children, or picky eaters, fitness specializing in activities for busy people…)

If you don’t have clients yet, then concentrate on what you do have… The biggest thing you have… is your intention to help people.  This will tie into that compelling and urgent reason for people to seek you out.

When someone asks you what you do… don’t say, “personal trainer” because they will say, :”oh” and walk away.  or maybe you’ll get “oh, what gym” and then it’s done.   Say something like:

“I come up with fun ways for overweight weight kids to get more exercise.”


“You know how there are always people that want to work out but don’t have the time?  I help those people lose weight… it’s fun and easy and fits into their busy schedule.”

In both cases, you will probably be asked some questions and you can let your excitement spill out!

Second: Be prepared to have the conversation … not a sales pitch.

I have come to believe that the elevator pitch is only used effectively in classrooms.  The process of creating an elevator pitch is helpful in organizing your thoughts, but in real life, it just doesn’t work.

As soon as someone asks you “what do you do?”, and you “snap into elevator pitch mode”,  your voice will change to the “memorized zombie-like tone” and your audience’s eyes will glazed over as you regurgitate: “I’m a life coach dedicated to nurturing…… blah blah blah”

[HA HA I just had a mental picture of zombies lurching away from each other after the elevator pitch…and heading to the silver trays of the buffet.]

Here’s the idea. Have a real conversation.  Think about the things that excite you about your business.  Think about that thing that really compels and energizes you each day to go to work.  And talk about it.


It can’t be about the money.  Even if you’re talking to good friends.   Even if you’re business is a network marketing business which provides a fantastic vehicle for residual income.  It can’t be about the money. Talking about how much money you make, and the things that you HAVE is a sales pitch.  The questions you will get are going to be ABOUT THE MONEY.  It will always be about the money.  How much to join, how much a month, how much… how much…

Let your actions speak about your financial success, and let your words talk about how you can help other people.

Once had, let your conversation go….out … into the wild.

You need to speak with people about the joy you feel in what you do and how you are so happy about being successful and filled with purpose.  With great clients that energize and lift you up… and … let it float away… imagine it like those dust floaties you see in the early morning beam of light in the living room… just gently floating and bouncing off each other.

Eventually they land.

You see… so much of what we hear, is really driven by what we feel.

As a result, in the wild, your happiness will be remembered as happiness and people will remember how you made them feel, they will remember what you do and why you do it and they will want to share you with people they think you can help.  BECAUSE, by extension, if you can help them… and they connected you, then they have helped them.  Everyone wants to help.

Alternatively, in the wild your conversation of money, could be remembered as the opposite of wealth, depending on the feelings of the person listening. They could feel/hear jealousy, lack, stinginess, and most importantly, disbelief… a not trusting what you’ve said as perhaps too good to be true.  That is the conversation they will have with other people, and it usually won’t be because they think they are helping someone by sharing what you’ve said….

(Side note: My stint in a network marketing company was absolutely wonderful.  I met the most fantastic individuals and wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for that experience. Specifically one seminar with Tammy Gaines   In that single 2 hour session, Tammy introduced me to ideas and that I never knew existed.  In fact, I believe that the whole reason that I even entered that network marketing company was to attend her seminar.  She may never know how much she has influenced my life or I should say the direction and my vision for my purpose… All of that is to say, trust your intuition.  There are lessons everywhere.) 

Third: be authentic

Don’t try to be anyone else.  Learn from other people, but be all the you… you can possibly be.  Try not to modify or water down who you are and under no circumstances compromise your core values.

Who you are, how you act, is the best advertisement and open invitation for conversations to clients on the planet!

I know that sounds a little silly, but hear me out.

When you are naturally and authentically you, and you are willing and actively having positive conversations with people… you will start to experience a shift.  First one call, then another call.  People heard about you from someone …  Other people are “selling you”.

All your conversations about your success… whether it’s success with your website, facebook page, pinterest, gaining clients all motivate and encourage other people to suggest that other people check you out.  Give you a call.

Not everyone will be a good fit for you.  You wouldn’t want to coach someone that drains you… so don’t be afraid to be picky… let them go. (see my previous blog post about determining your ideal client) You want clients that energize you.  You want customers that are prepared and encouraged and appreciate your time and expertise.

You are awesome, and if you haven’t already, you should start to have THAT conversation with yourself.

I am awesome

I am filled with happiness

I am grateful

I am filled with abundance

I am successful


Make today amazing!

visit my site:  www.healthwellnessandsuccess.com, and say hi!

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