How do you learn?

An interesting article by Peter F. Drucker published

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by the Harvard Business Review called, “Managing Oneself“, explains that very few people really know “how” they learn.  The article is interesting because … well, I didn’t know how I learned.  I never knew.

We go through our education and some (like me) don’t understand why we just can’t be successful in certain areas… under certain circumstances.. we really struggle.

Turns out…

Some people learn by listening.

Some people learn by reading.

Some people learn by writing.

Some people learn by speaking.

(last reference to the article, I promise)  According to the article, very few people learn in more than one way.  While the intent of the article was to detail ways to improve how individuals manage themselves in the work place;  I think we can all agree that knowing how you learn would be one of the first steps in being successful in any area of your life.

What’s interesting to me is that very few people really know how they learn.  AND very few schools cater to different learning styles.  The more I read this article… the more I realized that my incredibly smart daughter … learns by speaking.

That frustrating habit she has of following me around the house talking through every decision and option in her head is really her way of gaining an audience so she can work out the problem.


I think I learn by writing.  I enjoy (really enjoy) listening to books on tape… or now I use Audible.  But you know when I learn the most?  When I go back and review the “bookmarks” and write about the topic.  THAT’S when the knowledge imparted by the author really sinks in.

I put the book mark in the book… with a little label indicating why I think it’s important… and when I go back, and re-listen and write about the topic… that’s when it sinks in.

So fascinating.

I always wondered why, if I loved to read so much… WHY I couldn’t remember the books or the authors.  I truly enjoy reading fiction, but when I’m done reading a book… after a few days I’ve completely forgotten what it’s about.

(WHICH, ACTUALLY saves me money because I don’t mind re-reading some books… I can get to varying stages through the book a second time before I remember and say, “OH YEAH, I remember how this one ends” )

How do you learn?


How do the people around you learn?

If you aren’t communicating in a way that they will “get”, then you will both be frustrated.

I believe, my ex-husband is a reading learner. (in retrospect) it explains why he was very up on the news, because he read the newspaper cover to cover every morning… but not so up on what was going on in the household.  Maybe he wasn’t necessarily “tuning me out” as much as, not able to retain things that were just simply told to him.. he needed to read it. (at least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.. .HA HA HA)

Food for thought.  If you are having a communication problem at work or at home, try something different.  If you usually communicate by speaking and making verbal requests, maybe consider writing them down… so that they can be read.   Or asking questions and letting the other person work out the solutions while you quietly listen.

Enjoy your day, and make today AMAZING!



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