Get your real WHY… Ask WHY 5 Times

Believe it or not, it’s a published technique… called The 5 why’s.

This can be applied to EVERY area of your life!  EVERYTHING.  If there is a challenge or a problem, ask why 5 times to get to the root.

In the workplace:

Why is this particular job taking so long.

There is no computerized solution to handle a job

WHY #2
Why is there no computerized solution?  Because there was staff resistance

Why was there resistance, because they weren’t explained the full benefits

Why weren’t they explained the full benefits, because there was a lack of communication

Why was there a lack of communication, because we assumed that the benefits were obvious.

So, the ah ha moment for management here is that they thought the benefits were obvious, so everyone would automatically be on board with a change.  Since they weren’t, management dropped the change which would be increased production.   Now that they know, some steps to education employees about the benefits will allow the transition to take place.

That’s great for the workplace… but what about real life.  What about relationships and home life?  This is, however a great example.  BECAUSE I think we can all recognize how easy it is to stop at the first why.  How easy it is to just simply say… well, it’s a problem because we don’t have a computerized solution.  get it?

Can you see how this will help you get to the root of your issues?

Are you having a problem with a friendship.

State your problem… ask

Why is that a problem? Why did that occur.  and keep going

So and so de-friended me on facebook and it bothers me.

#1) Why does the fact that so and so “unfriend” me on facebook bother me
because I posted something that they misunderstood and that’s why they unfriended me

#2) Why does it bother me…
they misunderstood because they read it at face value and didn’t call me before just dropping me and that it hurt my feelings that they would just drop me from one thing I posted

#3) Why does it bother me…
it hurt my feelings because I thought we had a special relationship one based on trust and communication and dropping me from facebook tells me that that person didn’t feel that way

#4)Why does it bother me…
because if that person can just drop me without even a phone call, then they weren’t the person that I thought they were.

#5) Why does it both me…
because if they weren’t the person that I thought they were… then I’ve been used.  I allowed that person into my life under certain conditions that I had told myself existed or maybe that person told me existed or maybe I assumed existed and clearly they don’t.

Yes, that’s a tough one. Relationships are TERRIBLY difficult to honestly apply the 5 WHY’s…  because in the end… we are our own worst enemies when it comes to relationships.   Keep in mind.. you MUST love yourself … no you must ADORE and TREASURE yourself in order to attract someone that will also adore and treasure you.  (but that’s for another blog entry)

Another GREAT place to apply the 5 why’s is in finding your motivation for your home business or your job search.

The key here is to start with the end.  Start with the Problem.

So if you are an Avon, Mary Kay or Sophia Lia Representative, and you aren’t getting the sales that you need, your 5 Why’s may look like this:

#1) Why aren’t I making a profit?
because I don’t have enough regular customers.

#2) Why don’t I have enough regular customers?
because I haven’t been able to schedule any home shows to expose people to my products.

#3) Why haven’t I had any home shows?
no one I know is interested in having a home show because they aren’t interested in the products.

#4) Why haven’t I found someone interested in having a home show?
because I don’t like calling people and asking them to have a home party.

#5) Why don’t I like calling people and asking them?
because they might say no. I’m afraid that if I call them and ask them and they say no, then it may affect our friendship.

That’s the root here.  FEAR.  Personally, with network marketing (that’s what Avon, Sophia Lia, Longaberger… all home businesses that are selling products one to one or at parties are Network Marketing companies or pyramid’s) the biggest stumbling point for most people is not wanted to “impose”.   BECAUSE we feel like if we make the phone call and they say no.

If you want to make money, you need to get over the fear.  You need to make at least 10 phone calls a week.  Telling people about your new specials, about what they can “get” by hosting a party, by asking them to do you a favor and host a party, or ask them if they know anyone that might be interested in hosting a party.

Knowing your WHY is instrumental in getting PAST the problem.

Take the time to practice getting to the root of your problem.  Take the time to really look at the WHY that the issue exists, and you will be better able to plan a way to fix the issue.

Enjoy Your Day!











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