Finding Your Ideal Client – Your Red Velvet Rope Policy

This exercise is something that I’ve been doing since I read the book, “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port.  This man and his books are a great inspiration to me and has definitely inspired this post.

In his book, he talks about the “Red Velvet Rope

You are a success magnetPolicy”, which is exactly as it sounds… picture a packed night club, with a long line of people outside waiting to get in… the doormen (aka bouncer), walks up and down the line picking and choosing people to will allow inside the club. Many are left outside, standing in line.

Let’s develop your own personal red velvet rope policy.  Let’s pretend that you are that night club and that there is a long line of people waiting outside to see you and your product or service. That’s a nice feeling right? [pause to bask in the glow of that feeling of success]

Now, we need to come up with your Red Velvet Rope Policy, so we can tell the people in charge at the door, who they should let in.

Not so easy, right?  If you consider that having this policy will make it easier for you to focus your attentions, connections and conversations it just makes sense.  Still, not so easy.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear…  VALUE is key.   As a coach, and entrepreneur I’ve spoken with and been around many small business professionals and I know that some want the quick dollar.  There is no short cut.  All of the tools, suggestions and formulas that I provide on my site and in my sessions are designed to help my clients reach their goals.  If the goals are financial, then the action steps always include providing a valuable product or service and gaining clients.

In other words, I do believe that providing sincere and valuable experiences for your clients will lead to more clients.   Knowing who will pay for these services will allow you to be properly compensated for them… and thus everyone is happy.

I just alluded your value, which is another area where most entrepreneurs, especially those providing professional services, tend to undervalue themselves.  Mostly, because they went into business to help people, they found that they are good at it, it may even come easy to them… and they just feel like people won’t pay too much for something that is so easy.

Here’s what I want you to know.  You are unique.  The service or product you have to offer can only be offered by you… because it’s coming from you.  Have a clear understanding of your velvet rope policy and concentrate on your ideal customer is the first simple step to your success.

This, my friend will fill your days with people that energize and inspire you… instead of people that drain and depress you! J

So, get out your pen and paper, and let’s talk about the people and their behavior that you DON’T want.

List 5 things that really turn you off when talking to a new client or prospective client.






Describe the type of person that SHOULD NOT be getting invited into your business past the velvet rope.









Now, here’s the hard part.  Look at your current client base.  Be honest with yourself and determine how many of your current clients really should never have gotten past the velvet rope.  Amazing right?

You now realize that in order for you to experience the natural purpose of your business, you need to be true to yourself.  Every day in every way, you are experiencing the abundance that is generated by creating the clear picture of what you want in your life and business.  Your Ideal Customer.

So, we talked about what you don’t want… and we took a look at your current client base, now let’s take some time to really get a picture of what you do want.   Let’s draw a picture of your perfect client.  Knowing what they look like, talk about and think about, will help you find places to have conversations with your ideal customer.

On a separate piece of paper, write down the answers to these questions.  They are designed to help you think about your ideal customer. Remember, your ideal customer is that person that you find it easy to help.  Having that clear vision makes it easier for you to recognize them when you meet them.

  1. What type of people do you naturally enjoy spending time around?
  2. What do those people like to talk about?
  3. What do those people like to do?
  4. List some of the moral and ethical standards that they follow.
    (example: truthful)

    1. ________________________________
    2. ________________________________
    3. ________________________________
    4. ________________________________
    5. ________________________________
    6. Do they contribute to their community?  How?
    7. What kind of life do you want to create?

Doesn’t that feel great!?!  I absolutely love thinking about achieving success and creating the future of my dreams, especially when I am putting together the positive steps to move forward.

By the way, did you know that everyone has different abilities to visualize?  Some people can visualize a freshly sliced lemon, squirting juice in all directions as it’s squeezed into an ice cold glass of water… and their mouth will actually salivate… but not everyone.   Some people may hear the sound of the ice tinkling in the cup of cold water.. and others may feel the cold wet condensation on the glass and sticky lemon juice on their hands as they visualize.

My point?  Well, I don’t want to cram you into a box when you are visualizing…  You discover your purpose in the best way for you… if your ideal clean is described by what he/she drives or is wearing, so be it!  You know intuitively that, that type of person has historically been your perfect client.   You experience happiness and harmony when helping that person… listen to your intuition.

Paint your picture of your perfect ideal client.

That’s it for today… wow, big post!

Don’t forget to make today ridiculously amazing.


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