…about finding your life’s purpose…

Hmmm, “…about finding your life’s purpose…”

the purpose of our lives is to be happy - Dalai Lama

the purpose of our lives is to be happy – Dalai Lama

WOW, pretty heavy topic, right?  …You life’s Purpose…  Actually, it’s doesn’t have to be all that heavy; in fact, it can be as pleasant has daydreaming as you sit outside on a warm spring day.

However there are a few pre-requisites, for your daydream. (take special note:  these 2 things are the major reason most people don’t look for… or don’t find their life’s purpose)

First Don’t think about other people, your family, your neighbors, your friends… I’m going to ask you to think about you.

That means, you can’t think about or worry about what will make someone else proud, what will make someone else happy, what will prompt someone else to reward you with money and attention… this has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else and you need to drop those thoughts.

If you are too worried about money, or the opinion of your mother/father/husband/wife, then you won’t be able to think clearly.  Each thought will be jaded and incomplete as it’s cut short as an IMPOSSIBILITY.

We need to work out certain things that only pertain to YOU.  You can’t worry about whether someone else will approve or pay you for doing it, at least not at this point.  If you evaluate every step, every possibility by the “what’s in it for me” formula, you will fail to find your life’s purpose, you may find a good job, but not something that will fill your days with joy and happiness and a deep rooted contentment.

Just a little side note that might help get past this particular block.  The “what’s in it for me” formula requires external recognition, whether it’s money or a pat on the back.  Those things are nice… and we’ll get to that point, but right now… RIGHT THIS SECOND, you think about you.

OK, agreed?  We are going to suspend your desire to please anyone else besides yourself.  We are not going to worry about having to afford training or school, or having to find a babysitter for the kids, or what the neighbors may think… this isn’t about them.  THIS IS ABOUT YOU.

Second, you need to drop the HOW of it.   Many individuals have fantastic ideas that get dropped almost instantly when they think: “Yeah, but how am I going to do that?”

Yes, eventually you will have to work out the HOW… but the WHAT.. should not be driven by the HOW.  (Does that make sense?)  So for this exercise, don’t worry about HOW you are going to fit one more thing in your busy schedule, or HOW you are going to get someone to watch the kids, or HOW you are even going to make money doing that thing you love to do.

OK agreed?  We are going to suspend your desire to automatically figure out HOW your dream will come to fruition.

This is a process.  These two pre-requisites are required in order for you to suspend your usual filters.  The filter that you have taken years to put in place to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t do.  I KNOW.  You filter serves it’s purpose and I’m just asking you to suspend it’s use for this exercise.  please.

Are you ready?

Get out clean sheet of paper and a pencil.


Come on, write all 5.

Here are some examples of what I’ve heard:

I really enjoy reading, but you can’t get paid to read.    Do you see what usually happens… the statement comes first, then the HOW creeps in…. DROP THE HOW and if this statement is true write, I really enjoy reading.

I enjoy weeding my garden, sounds crazy, but I love to just sit outside and just pluck out the weeds, I suppose someone would pay me to do that, but not enough to make a living!  Once again, the limiting factor… the HOW is placed at the end of the statement… whether it’s true or not, it’s not time to consider and certainly not worry about how much money you will make.

Here’s the thing…

Here’s the most important thing of this whole exercise


My experience with this exercise is that, the more we consider the possibilities the more possibilities occur.  For some people, having an idea is like opening a bottle of soda that’s fallen on the floor, and for other people their ideas need to steep like natural brewed ice tea.  You know, you sort of set it and forget it, then when you revisit it, you see it with fresh eyes and you pour a glass and it tastes delicious and you’re glad you waited.

So, let’s get back to your list.

List a minimum of 5 things that you really enjoy doing.  No, not just enjoy, a minimum of 5 things that you LOVE DOING!

Do you want to take a peek at mine?  Here are 5 things that make me incredibly happy.  When I imagine doing any one of them I smile and relax and feel energized at the same time.

1. I absolutely love to help & encourage other people to realize their potential.  I love talking to them about their talents and helping them explore what it is about that talent they love… then helping them discover a way that they can use their talent to design their life.

2. I love to come up with ideas for other people to use their talents. I know this seems like the same as number one, but it’s more about problem solving or puzzles. I enjoy helping people work out the issues they perceive in their life and help them learn to find and seek joy and happiness… and I LOVE when we talk and they have succeeded!

3. I love to read.

4. I adore writing blog posts.

5. I have a real passion for public speaking and helping other people overcome a challenge whether it’s designing their website or designing their life.

What are yours?

Have an amazing day!

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