How the Rich Get Richer -> 3 Lessons everyone should learn

I love rich people.  Mostly because they are the number 1 contributors to libraries, hospitals and conservation.  Their detractors might say, “sure they donate, because they get a tax break.”  In my mind, it doesn’t matter why, it just matters that it is.  Many people vilify rich people and try to say that they don’t deserve their money and I can tell you this… the only people that say that are people that aren’t rich.  Now I want you to ask yourself 2 questions:

Question 1:  If I were rich would I give all my money away because other people deserve it more?

Question 2: Do I want to be rich.

If you answered Yes to both questions, then I can most assuredly say that the only reason you are not rich right now is due to self sabotage.  Every step you take forward, you block your progress. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you are the only reason you aren’t experiencing wealth.

If you answered “No” to question 1, and Yes to question two… you are on the right track and you’ll see why in a moment.

Three lessons about the rich getting richer.

Lesson no. 1:  Rich people understand that Money isn’t’ the goal, money is a tool.  Money is the tool that makes everything

creative cash system online income made easy
creative cash system online income made easy

easier. It seems that everything they do is geared towards making more money, but Rich people understand that their goal lies elsewhere… money is simply that tool that makes their goal easy to obtain.   Believe it or not, nearly 90% of the Millionaires in america today are first generation millionaires.  That means, they didn’t inherit their money.  That means they started just like you and me.  The piece that most people miss is, that they usually don’t start out with the “I’m going to make a million dollars” and then come up with a million dollar idea, they start with an passionate idea or product, that they turn into millions.

Lesson no. 2: They are not luckier than anyone else, they simply work harder.  There are no shortcuts to success.  Even the contestants on America’s Got Talent lead a grueling life of rehearsals, shows, emotional turmoil and only a very few make it to the end. That’s not how real life usually works.  Normally, a person has an idea, turns it into a product or service, works their butt off getting it off the ground.  There are literally thousands of millionaires in our country that we never hear about.  They plumber next door to you, may be one.  The electrician, the junkyard owner.  The fact is, if you want to sell a best selling novel, then you’d best be prepared to write, and keep writing until one of your books gets you noticed, then all of your other books will be noticed.  There is no LUCK here, but perseverance.   Too often we stop before we’ve given our forward momentum the time to kick in…

Turn your passion into income and live the life of your dreams
Turn your passion into income and live the life of your dreams

Imagine… If you did something every day, like drop a pebble in a bucket half filled with water.  That first pebble wouldn’t seem to make a difference.  Right.  The next day, another pebble, still no real difference.  Maybe 5 days in, 5 pebbles later, you look and there’s no difference.  THIS is where most people quit. They stop. They say, “It’s not working.”  BUT what if you kept dropping the pebble.  Maybe, you even stopped looking for results, but just kept dropping the pebble.  … You would find in a few weeks, that suddenly (but not really suddenly right?)  the water is overflowing the bucket.  THAT is how “luck” works by perseverance.

Lesson no. 3: They leverage their time.  Rich people don’t sit behind a desk and type their own letters, they don’t go out and dig every ditch, they don’t even negotiate all of their sales.  They leverage their time by hiring people to handle these tasks.  They are NOT trading their time for money. Rich people understand that in order to become and stay truly wealthy multiple streams of income are required.  They are not working 60 hour weeks and getting paid when they work, they are leveraging their time and money and enjoying residual income from investments in other people who are trading time for money.

Take for instance  a magazine subscription.  The magazine only needs to be written once (or once weekly or monthly) and it can be sold time and time again to millions of different people.  The magazine owner, while enjoying the money the paid subscriptions provide is ALSO earning money through advertising.

The same is true for ALL SUCCESSFUL online businesses.  There used to be a time when a website was simply a business card out on the web.  It told the visitor what the company did, and encouraged them to buy or join or connect with the company and their product.  The wealthy and successful online entrepreneurs know that is a thing of the past.  Now, websites are interactive, they are social and they engage the visitor with invitations to connect socially. Leveraging these engagements and helping visitors connect with partners is part of the toolbox of online success.

The question I would ask you now is “Are you aware that you can you leverage your time and turn your passion

creative cash university change your thoughts about what's possible
creative cash university change your thoughts about what’s possible

into online income?”  Most people aren’t aware that the tools and lessons of the RICH are easily applied and over time (like the pebble in the bucket) will accumulate and create more wealth and less time creating it.  The first step is to STOP blocking your own success.  STOP believing the lie that if it were possible everyone would be doing it… because it is possible… and 97% of the people who start, stop after the first week because they aren’t seeing the immediate results…

The goal isn’t money, the goal is freedom…. money just makes it easier.  You decide.

Right now… (January 2017) I’m in the process of putting EVERYTHING I learned about turning your passion into income into a series of online courses.  If you’re interested in learning how you can join free….let me know.   Send me an email and I’ll get you started in my BETA testing group.  You’ll be on the ground floor of something incredibly special.  AND you’d better email me soon, because I’m only letting 50 people into the beta testing. 🙂  email:


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