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Write books for Kindle to Create Ongoing Online Passive Income

Course Outline

Write Books for Kindle: How to Create Recurring Passive Income
Henry Ford said: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Writing books for kindle is a great way to make ongoing recurring money, and yes, that's called Passive income. In the literary world, it's referred to as royalties. The great part about writing for as a kindle author is that you can write 20 pages or 2000 pages, either way, when someone buys what you've written... you get paid. I don't mean to sound flippant, and I wouldn't want you to take what I'm saying wrong. Your material needs to be exactly what you've said it is, and provide exactly the information you say it does, or you won't get any sales. You see, the reviews on AMAZON are what drive your purchases, and truth be told, most people who purchase ebooks, and like them, don't even take the time to write a review. Having said all that... it's still the easiest and best way to start making online money.
Module 1 Introduction & Lesson One  
Write Books for Kindle: Getting Started
Unit 1 Module 1 - Introduction
Unit 2 Module 1 Research - Deciding what to write
Unit 3 Module 1 Marketing Research - Find out what's selling on Amazon
Unit 4 Module 1 Personal Research - Knowing Why
Module 2 Module 2  
Module 2
Unit 1 Module 2 - Outlining Your Book
Unit 2 Module 2 - Dream Board- Visualization
Module 3 Module 3  
Module 3
Unit 1 Module 3 - Writing, Writing, Writing
Module 4 Module 4  
Module 4
Unit 1 Module 4 - Writing and Editing and Writing
Module 5 module 5  
Module 5
Unit 1 Module 5 - Final Editing - Sort of
Module 6 Module 6  
Module 6
Unit 1 Module 6 - Formatting - Font, Headings and Margins
Module 7 Module 7  
Module 7
Unit 1 Module 7 - Create Kindle Direct Publishing account
Unit 2 Module 7 - Publishing Your Book to Kindle Copy
Module 8 Module 8: Bonus Material  
Module 8: Bonus Material
Unit 1 Formatting your Google Doc for Kindle Book
Unit 2 Module 8 - Bonus - Writing for Profit
Unit 3 Creating a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word
Unit 4 Knowing Why
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Amazing Coupon Cash: Create Passive Income with Printable Coupons

Course Outline

Amazing Coupon Cash: Creating Passive Income with Coupon Websites
Learn how you can provide the valuable service of printable coupons AND make money with every click on your site.
Module 1 Amazing Coupon Cash: Creating Online Passive Income Providing Coupons  
Step by Step Lesson to create your own amazing coupon cash.
Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 First Step to Setting Up Your Website
Unit 3 Setting Up Appearance, Pages & Menus
Unit 4 Getting Setup for Success
Unit 5 Setting Up Self Hosted Website
Unit 6 Creating Amazing Pages
Unit 7 Creating Engaging Posts
Unit 8 Writing Your First Affiliate / Coupon Review
Unit 9 Accesssing Royalty Free Images & Using them in your post
Unit 10 Signing Up for The TOP Coupon and Affiliate Services
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