Learn where the real joy and cash flow exists in the Affiliate Marketing venues and how you can tap into them without losing your genuine and authentic voice on your subject.

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Learn how to provide value and create trust with social media and connect to thousands of potential clients interested in what you have to offer. 

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Expert instruction on building automated processes for connecting and staying connected with your ideal clients as they step into your offer.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

This course is designed as the first course in a series of courses designed to provide the student with a deep knowledge of what affiliate marketing is and how individuals and businesses can create revenue by joining those programs.

Creating Your Offer

This is a deep dive into the process of creating an offer your audience can’t refuse.  Learn how to determine if your idea is viable and how to tweak it to turn it into a “must have” for your ideal customer

Headlines that Sell

No one likes to be sold to… but everyone buys, in this course you’ll learn how to mold your social conversations in a way that will learn your ideal customers towards your offer.  You’ll learn how to stay genuine and authentic and avoid sounding salsy or pitchy.

Crowd Funding

In this course we’ll explore over 15 crowd funding websites and discuss how connect with people that see the benefit in your office and want to help.  

Wordpress Websites

Extensive online and live online workshops and lessons on wordpress website setup with a lean towards optimizing for search engines, engaging your potential clients and inviting customers into your sales funnel

Landing Pages & Email Marketing

This course is specifically designed to help you create engaging landing pages with an eye towards collecting emails for future marketing.  This course goes hand in hand with your sales funnel activities an assists in automation.


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